Arıkovanı Projects Help You Overcome Disabilites

Arıkovanı, where dozens of technology projects are launched every year, also includes projects making the lives of diasbled people easier. With the idea of “there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome by technology” these projects attracting worldwide attention with the awards and investments they get.

WeWALK – World’s First Smart White Cane

Successfully crowdfunded on Arıkovanı in 2016, WeWALK continues to see great interest worldwide. The smart cane project has been given many different awards so far, including the Edison Award in 2018.

WeWALK, which has been carrying out this success in 2019, was picked as one of the “22 Innovative Technology Startups To Watch At CES 2019” by Forbes.

The world’s first smart cane WeWALK offers three revolutionary features:

Obstacle Detection
Easily detects and warns the user of obstacles at breast and head level such as signs, poles, branches, etc.

Phone Integration
Simulates the phone screen and enables phone control when connected via Bluetooth.

Integration with Mobile Applications
Ability to integrate with diffenrent mobile applications. Thus, new features can be added each passing day.

WeWALK is now on sale on Arıkovanı Store with limited availability. To take a closer look at the project and pre-order, click here.

Sense Watch – Smart watch giving new sensations

Sense Watch is a product of a Turkish enterprise, and has a strong motto: imagine, feel, stop at nothing! Sense Watch is more than just a smart watch. It gives users “new feelings.”

Developed for hearing impaired individuals, the watch features intelligent vibration characteristics, making the person feel the things he does not feel.

The smart watch does this by converting sounds into vibrations. It helps you better understand the environment, people, objects, in short, everything that goes on around you.

For example, you can feel the rhythm and accompany the songs. Or you can feel the movie effects and sounds, takes the movie viewing experience beyond the subtitles.

To take a closer look at the project and pre-order, click here.

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