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AR And VR To Change Customer Experience For Good

With the developing technology, our life routines are experiencing certain changes. Considering the last 10 years, there is a fast integration to technology. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that emerged in this period also broke the memorization in some professions and carried the customer experience to different dimensions.

Augmented reality is one of the trend technologies of recent years. What made AR so popular was the incredible success of Pokemon Go. The application has reached 600 million downloads in just six months, making it an important reference resource for consumers and businesses.

VR drives a user into a whole new world. AR overlaps new objects and realities in the present world. In both technologies, the user is positioned in the ambiguous area between reality and possible reality. These two technologies, which are based on manipulation of reality perception, are frequently used by organizations. In many events and campaigns, technologies used for games or competitions are also used as a marketing technique.

Creating an Opportunity to Experience

Creating an opportunity for customers to experience a product or service in advance can be regarded as a classic tactic for winning sales. AR and VR have opened up new dimensions in the use of this classicized method. Now customers can use the products and determine their feedbacks before they have the product or service. One of the best examples of this method was realized by Ikea. Launched in 2017, the Ikea application allows users to select items to place in their homes. It shows how the sofa, bookcase or table can be seen in your room in terms of size, style and color.

One of the brands that make use of VR technology is Audi. Taking advantage of this technology to provide a more detailed experience of the customer’s choice of products, Audi distinguishes itself from other services in that the vehicle can be experienced in different settings, including different lighting conditions and weather conditions, and offers the customer a much more detailed preview than the dealership floor.

This intimate and personalized experience that comes with AR and VR brings the customer closer to the product and creates a stronger sense of ownership. Therefore, this technique is expected to leave its mark on the coming years. It can be a great chance for customers to experience the product or service before buying it.

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