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Apple Is Working On Personal Item Tracking Tags

Apple is said to be working on Tile-like personal item tracking tags. According to 9to5Mac users can attach them to anything from bags to keychains and track via an iPhone or Mac.

Apple’s new rumored product, expected to be released next fall, has similar features to Tile’s Blutooth-based tracker. This feature, which can be linked to anything, will work in conjunction with iCloud accounts. Apple will rely on your iPhone for location data so you’ll be notified when you’re away from your item.

In addition to these features, the method developed for finding lost items is also remarkable. Apple trackers will save your contact information and the person who finds your item will be able to reach you with the help of iPhone.

Another feature of the application will be location sharing. You can share location with family or friends using specific tags. With this new product, Apple wants to create a crowd-based network that helps users find any missing item, and it aims to make use of a large number of active Apple devices.

Apple also aims to combine Find My Friends & Find My iPhone features in a unified app. This allows you to track devices without having to use Bluetooth tags.

Apple will eventually be a serious competitor to the popular Bluetooth tracker Tile.

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