Ape X Drone Breaks the Crowdfunding Record on Arikovani

Ape X Drone broke a new crowdfunding record on Arikovani The project raised the impressive amount of 783.955 TRY and became the highest funded crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

Ape X Drone has completed the campaign with tremendous success and is now entering the stage of production and the fulfillment of the pre-orders. The orders are many as the interest in the product was huge – ten days before the end of the campaign, it had already surpassed its initial goal.

Ape X stands out from the rest similar products on the market with its durable and easy-to-use design and technology. With its 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer and 4K resolution cameraman, the drone allows you to get quality images without distortion for 27 minutes on a single charge.

“The Easiest-to-use Drone in the World”

The control of the drone is provided by a single-handed commander. This control named MIME is slightly different from the drone controls we are used to. It has orientation sensors on it, which drives the drone by sensing your movements like the Wii commander. With the button on the back, you can manage home-return functions that work with position protection (hover) and GPS technology.

There are many other cool features of the drone, allowing you to experience the flying at first hand like the FPV (first person view) – the first eye view feature; the live broadcast module added on the drone makes a live broadcasting in the VR monitor with FPV kit possible.

Crowdfunding Record

The original goal of the project was 200.000 TRY, but as a result of the impressive support the backers showed, Ape X Drone raised over 700.000 TRY and broke the crowdfunding record on Arikovani.

The drone was available to the backers at a special price – 1 300 TRY. The retail price will be 2 250 TRY. The estimated delivery date for the first pre-orders is June, 2018.

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