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ANTELOPE Sportswear – The Muscle Activating Smartsuit to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

The health and fitness industry is exponentially growing. Back in 2016, the total fitness industry revenue was an estimated $83.1bn USD. People spend a lot of money to get fit, to get healthier, to stay younger, to have more energy and to improve their overall well-being.

The growing demand leads to growing supply – more and more innovative fitness products are entering the market, promising the best results in no time. The competition is tough, which is why it is important to pay special attention to the innovative products that really make a difference like the following one.

Introducing ANTELOPE

ANTELOPE is the world’s first muscle-activating sportswear that helps you reach your fitness goals faster. The smartsuit is embedded with muscle targeting electrodes that target and simulate each of your major muscle groups.

The smart workout bodysuit makes your conventional exercise more effective as it proactively increases your strength, coordination, speed, and endurance.

Along with the full body suit, there are also available ANTELOPE tank top, Women’s dream (pelvic floor pants), Calf guards, and Wing – all of which have integrated electrodes placed on major muscle groups.

Comfortable and effective, this innovative fitness product has been exceptionally well-accepted from the customers. Back in 2015, the product raised $1,580,874 USD total funds with its crowdfunding campaign.

The ANTELOPE suit on Indiegogo is available at a price of $1399 USD + shipping and has an estimated delivery date April 2018. This is one of the most popular crowdfunded fitness products out there proving once again that through the collective power of the backers innovation becomes reality faster than ever.

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