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AI System Fashion ++ Improves People’s Clothing Choices

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular technology titles of the recent period. Along with large investments in this field, the use of artificial intelligence has expanded considerably. The last one is fashion. The artificial intelligence system called Fashion ++ offers suggestions and tips to make clothes more elegant by looking at the photo of the clothes.

Nowadays, people are mixing fashion magazines in order to create their clothing styles, getting advice from their best friends and even following their Instagram accounts. In the near future, smart phones may be among these sources. A study by researchers from the University of Texas, Cornell Tech, Georgia Tech, and Facebook AI Research can change the fashion sense forever.

An Artificial Fashion Designer

Fashion++ focuses specifically on minimal edits, suggesting adjustments that are more realistic and practical than buying an entirely new outfit. It looks at a photograph of an outfit and offers clues to make it more elegant. These tips can be on the colors, structure and combination of clothes.

The Fashion ++ tool uses a visual recognition system to analyze color, pattern, texture and shapes of garments in the image. Once the classifier is trained, the system gradually updates the outfit in order to make it more fashionable.

Fashion ++ has been trained for fashion enthusiasts based on more than 10,000 outfit images shared publicly on online sites. Kimberly Hsiao, a graduate student on the project, says it’s easy to find pictures of fashionable clothes. According to Hsiao, the most difficult part is finding non-fashionable images. At this point a workaround was found and the system was trained on what cannot be worn.

The system will be presented next week at the Computer Vision Conference in Seoul, South Korea. How the artificial intelligence system will change the fashion sector is a matter of curiosity. But in any case, we can say that the era of artificial intelligence has started in the fashion sector.

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