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Affordable Electric Bike Kit Eazy Bike Enters the Crowdfunding Scene

The growing popularity of electric bikes makes them more and more appealing to the people who look for faster alternatives that provide the same experience. Yet the prices of the electric bikes are still relatively high. One Swedish startup is offering a solution to the problem by offering a kit that can transform any bicycle into an electric bike and has turned to crowdfunding to make it possible.

How Does It Work?

Eazy Bike kit consists of two parts – a battery and a motor that you can easily attach to your bike in about 2 minutes. Along with the simplicity of the product come many more benefits – it is affordable as it is available now with a starting price of $159, it is compatible with almost any type of bike, and can ride up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

Eazy Bike founders have taken the project to the crowdfunding scene by launching an Indiegogo campaign with a target goal of $40,000. Shortly after the launch, the campaign has reached its goal – currently raised almost $70,000 from over 350 backers. To learn more about the product and the campaign, visit its page here.

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