A Solar Curtain That Can Power Your Appliances

Have you ever imagined that a window curtain will be able to power the daily energy needs of your electrical equipment in your homes like television, computer and fridge? Now the Solar Curtain makes it possible!

Solar Curtain, a product of a Turkish initiative, is a solar panel that folds and acts as a real curtain. In other words, a curtain that produces electricity.

The idea of Solar Curtain is based on this: Everyone can have a solar panel in their homes and by producing electricity they can save money and save the environment.

The crowdfunding page says:

“We belive that everyone has rights to use solar energy freely. But nowadays you need a garden or enough space in your roof to use solar energy. But everyone may not have same opportunities. We developed Solar Curtain to make everyone take advantage from sun easily. You can generate electricity freely in every windows in every buildings.”

Let Solar Curtain Power Your TV

One 4 square meter Solar Curtain can produce 1.4 KWh of energy, which can power your refrigerator for 14 hours, your TV for 28 hours and 5 electricity bulbs for 42 hours. You will be able to use your appliances even if your electricity is cut off! Isn’t it cool?

The Solar Curtain isn’t just useful, it can be also pretty. You are able also to design it according to your taste and home décor by choosing from a different pattern, color and fabric choices.

This innovative project revolutionizes completely the way you charge your home appliances. In order to take the project to the next level, the founders have turned to crowdfunding.

To learn more about the project and pre-order, visit its crowdfunding page here.

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