A Fantastic Ottoman Story: Ottoman Empire Spectacular Millennium

The gaming industry is blooming. Yet another fantastic addition to it has become a reality – Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is entering the crowdfunding scene on Arikovani. The campaign is at preparation phase and awaits your comments and feedback.

The story of the fantasy-fiction story-based FPS video game is taking place back in the Ottoman times. Along with its historical theme, the game includes also fantastic elements presented in the faces of vampires, dinosaurs, gigantic spiders, and even time travel.

The game starts with Chapter One at the Sultan’s Palace. As the players move through the chapters they encounter different characters and scenarios. The game consists of 13 levels + 2 bonus levels and each of these levels offers different fantasy adventures.

Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is the first part of a trilogy. For now, action-rich hybrid game is developed only on PC with Windows. The founders are planning to release the game on the bigger gaming markets after the completion of the crowdfunding campaign. The developers are focusing their efforts on making VR, iOS, and Android support and DX11 enhancement of the game.

The other stages of the project, which the founders continue to develop as an indie team, will be available in the forthcoming years as books, series, movies, and animation.

With the crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani, the founders aim to raise 140.000 TRY in order to bring their project to life.

The project is currently at preparation phase and awaits your comments and feedback. To learn more about the game, the founders, and the project itself, visit Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium’s crowdfunding page here.

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