A Crowd-Awareness Project: MagiCap

Dear technology enthusiast, we would like to say that a product named MagiCap which you have encountered on Arıkovanı.com has not yet begun to be developed. We realized this “crowd-awareness project” with a fun and thought-provoking video. But we are not that far from such a technology. In fact, may innovative technologies were produced by Turkish startups so far. And we wanted to draw attention to that.

The world’s first smart white cane WeWALK designed for the visually impaired, Solar Curtain, the smart curtain generating electricity, Sense Watch, the smart watch giving new sensations, the world’s smallest oscilloscope Minis and many others more creative technologies was born here in Turkey.

It is all thanks to your support, faith, trust. As long as you continue to support such projects, Turkey’s young entrepreneurs will continue to produce more than this.

Discover the projects that have been produced on Arikovani so far!

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