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7 Interesting Facts About The Funniest Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is a serious business, yet along with all the hard work and occasional stress, comes and a great deal of fun and surprises. Yes, probably crowdfunding is the most exciting way of raising funds for your project, so why not make it one enjoyable journey for your team, your supporters, and yourself?

There are number of crowdfunding campaigns that were launched as a joke, but surprisingly became very successful. These campaigns can teach us much about how crowdfunding is done and what the effect of humor can have on the collective power of the crowd. Here we will focus on seven interesting facts of the wackiest crowdfunding campaigns:

  1. Zack Danger Brown, the mastermind behind the famous Potato salad crowdfunding campaign, who asked for $10, but raised the impressive amount of $55,000, spent most of the money fighting homelessness in Central Ohio.
  2. Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project was launched as a joke as the comedian wanted just to raise $4,000 to hire a man, who would fly a plane and write “stupid things” in the air. Surprisingly, Kurt exceeded his goal and after raising $6,820 he really made it happen. The funniest messages that were written in the sky were “How do I land?”, “Clouds 4 EVA!” and “Tweet me bro!”
  3. The Menurkey proved that “once in a lifetime” offer can turn to an ongoing business. Anthony Weintraub’s crowdfunding campaign, which had the goal to raise $25,000 and offered menorah and turkey combination for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving when back in 2013 the two holidays overlapped, became that popular so it raised $48,345 and the product is still available for purchase.
  4. Even if you have ever wondered how baking and math go together, probably it never had occurred to you that the two things will blend perfectly together in a very successful crowdfunding campaign called Pi Pie Pans, which raised $17,542 when the initial goal was $2,000. The pi-shaped pie was a true success story as it seems baking in the shape of a math symbol is tastier than the traditional “boring” pie shapes as it gives more crust on the sides!
  5. It is extremely difficult, not to say impossible, to measure creativity. Craighton Berman, and apparently a lot more people, thought that this is absolutely false way to think about tracking a creative process. Berman’s idea to put a jar under a pencil sharpener had an initial goal to raise $2,500. But it seems the idea, as simple as it is, was that genius so The Campaign for the Accurate Measurement of Creativity raised nearly $13,000 from 381 backers.
  6. Crowdfunding projects solve problems! Great example for this is the campaign for the creation of the ultimate weapon to kill bugs and other insects by simply using… wait for it! – table salt for ammo. We are talking here about Lorenzo Maggiore’s crowdfunding campaign – Bug-A-Salt, the bug-eliminating salt-powered gun. The campaign had the initial goal of raising $15,000, which was 3851% overfunded, raising the total of $577,636. If this didn’t prove how annoying bugs are, nothing will!
  7. Naps are cool, no doubt for that! Unfortunately, taking a nap while traveling or while in the office is not always comfortable. But this has changed! After the success of Ostrich Pillow crowdfunding campaign, there is a solution to this problem. The funny-looking Ostrich Pillow was so well-received from the supporters that it raised $195,094 from 1,846 backers when the wanted amount was $70,000. The crowds once again proved that nap time is the most precious time ever!

What interesting or fun crowdfunding fact do you know? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section!

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