Hints For Crowdfunding

5 Useful Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Entrepreneurs often turn to crowdfunding to implement their projects. While some projects do not attract enough attention and cannot reach the funding target they need, some projects attract large audiences and beat the odds. Here’s some useful tips to turn your crowdfunding story into a success story.

1- Choose The Platform

The crowdfunding platform plays an important role in funding your project. The reliability and awareness of the platform must be high in order to deliver your product to a large and accurate audience. You may be ineffective no matter how much you advertise a project that you run on an unknown and unreliable platform. Turkey’s Arıkovanı set out to support technology based projects, help entrepreneurs realize their projects on a large scale. You can start your crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı by clicking here.

2- Tell an engaging story

It is the right audience that makes your project successful. You must have a good story to catch the right audience. If you have a good story, you can easily turn people in your audience into supporters. Tell people why you have a project worth supporting. Tell them why you believe in your business and what you are aiming to achieve. Make them feel like they can be part of your story. It’s all about passion you can show them.

3- Do not stop talking

Once the project starts, you should be prepared for the hard part. You should be very active in all communication channels such as social media and e-mail. Keep people informed every time you progress. Always share new content to keep your story alive. The answers to the questions from different communication channels should be clear and understandable.

4- Be Visual

The first thing that attracts people to your project page is visuals. If you do not have enough quality or have a small number of images, your product will also show poor quality. Shoot as many quality photos and videos about your product as possible. Video footage have a great impact on making people believe your story.

5- Set a Realistic Goal

The goal you need to implement your project must be realistic. If you set a very high target, you may be disappointed by not reaching, and if you set a very low target, you may not be able to get enough money to implement your project even if you are successful in funding. In addition, unrealistic targets can undermine the credibility of your project and cause less support.

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