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5 skills you can learn and develop at home

We are in quarantin, we are at home. And we need things to keep us busy all the time. So why not use this opportunity to learn new things? Here are 5 skills you can learn online at home for your personal development!

1-Project Management

Project managers, who plan the resources, coordinate the team and provide the general organization, play critical roles in business. In order to be successful in project management, you need a range of knowledge and skills. If you are keen on strategy, resource management, and work breakdown structure, you can be successful both in your own project and in any project you take part in. There are dozens of online courses, articles and books that you can improve yourself in this field. You can start by researching them.

2- Digital Marketing

4 billion people use the internet today. So we can easily say how important digital marketing is. If you have enough knowledge in digital marketing, you can reach your brand or product to a much wider audience and reach your target more effectively. Good news i that Google provides free online digital marketing workshops. Check it out!

3-New Language

Globalization has become unstoppable these days. So it may not be the right choice to limit your business in your mother tongue. Learning a new language will make you a better listener to establish your communication without having an interpreter. It will also add a different perspective of thought and increase creativity.

4-Video Editing

Many experts state that the prominent content in social media and digital marketing is now videos and that this situation will improve in the near future. Especially, it is very important for entrepreneurs to communicate in their first stages of promoting their products. If your startup does not have the resources to make videos with professional support, knowing video editing programs can be quite useful. You can get started with video making softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, which are frequently used and easy to learn.

5- Copywriting

Copywriters, who can turn ideas to projects and products, play an important role in digital world. In the promotion phase of a startup, both the website and social media texts that are creative and can serve the purpose will play a critical role. For this reason, you can improve yourself by practicing plenty of creative and effective content writing.

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