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5 Awesome Crowdfunding Pitch Videos to Inspire Your Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns with great visuals and compelling pitch videos are more likely to achieve their goals. Creating the ultimate video will help you to sky rocket your campaign as the video content is not just a great way to present your product/service/idea, but also is an easily shareable content.

Crafting the perfect crowdfunding campaign video is not a piece of cake, but with the right tools and approaches you are able to hit the nail on the head without this to cost you an arm and a leg.

To help you get inspired and to awaken the marketing guru within you, here we have collected for you the top 5 crowdfunding pitch videos that were used to make the magic happen for the campaigners. Enjoy!

Exploding Kittens
Raised: $8,782,571 / Initial goal: $10,000

Video Length: 1.43

The Veronica Mars Movie Project

Raised: $5,702,153; Initial goal: $2,000,000

Video Length: 4.56

Star Citizen

Raised: $2,134,374; Initial goal: $500,000

Video Length: 11.07

Coolest Cooler

Raised: $13,285,226;  Initial goal: $50,000

Video Length: 3.21

Oculus Rift

Raised: $2,437,429;  Initial goal: $250,000

Video Length: 4.52

Inspired yet? Share your favorite Crowdfunding campaign pitch video and spread the word about the great projects of Arikovani that you support!

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