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4 Tips To Spread The Word About Your Project

There is a basic question asked by the entrepreneurs who developed a project: How do I spread the word about my project? Can I get the attention of others besides my family and friends? How do I contact journalists and bloggers? There are many different ways of doing this. Let’s look at what you need to do in general.

1. Create a list of all your contacts.

Knowing who your audience is and how to reach them is a must before starting your campaign. And it is wise to gather all your contacts in one place. For example when it comes to do mailing in the future, this will be very useful for your business.

2. Determine a communication plan beforehand.

You’ve created a description and an engaging video on your project page. However, your communication channels are not limited to these. There will also be other platforms to talk about your project. Updates, emails, social media contents etc. So there will be many different channels to talk to. So specify a communication language and plan. Share this with your team to make sure everyone speaks the same language.

3. Plan how to approach press and blog writers.

Create different writing styles for different target groups and different media channels. Of course, all of them must maintain the same communication language, but a Facebook publication should be separated from the newspaper at certain points. All press releases you have to prepare must be complete. Do not leave too much work to the journalist to share your project. Besides, you know your project best.

4. Create a team of trusted collaborators.

Everything is much easier and hassle-free when you have reliable and talented team-mates when you need help. Think about people who helped you with past projects and feel free to cooperate.

5. Do your homework before you make a deal with an advertising or marketing company.

If you have run a project before, you probably already know of a few marketing or PR services that promise backers and fundings. Getting professional help is of course useful, but don’t give them everything. Put your hands under the stone where you need to intervene. As we said before, you know your project the best.

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