Hints For Crowdfunding

3 Tips To Sell More Products Via Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding in a nutshell means attracting attention of the masses and selling your product to them. In other words, it means marketing your product.

Everything from the main page layout of your project to the social media posts is an element of content marketing.
Today, we will take a holistic approach that you can apply to all of these elements rather than wasting them one by one. And we will examine this in three main topics. Here are the tips to show your content natural and intimate but also engaging:

Tell Your Story!

You have heard about this from many different people in many areas. “Tell the story, not the product.” They are not wrong. And this is very important, especially for entrepreneurs who have not announced their name to the masses. Before you tell your product/brand, first you must attract their attention. You have to tell a strong story for that.

How did you get on the road, who you were impressed with, where you got the inspiration, who are on your team etc. Build thrust first. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to talk about the product later.

Data Is Not Everything!

The content should sound natural and effortless. It must be easy to read and understand for people. Data matters, but it is not the first thing that your campaign viewers will look for. Try to present the more complicated or too technical information in a comprehensive manner.

Try to explain the complex technical terms that can be understood by everyone. Nobody wants to pay for features that they don’t understand.


Even though important effect of running a crowdfunding campaign is to receive feedback, to build a community and raise brand awareness, let’s not forget that the main goal in most of the cases is raising cash. Through publishing the right content you are able to turn the viewers of your campaign page into actual supporters. Include a call-to-action that helps the page viewers to easily find the following steps that should be taken in order to become personally involved into the success of the campaign by making a donation. That’s right – don’t be shy to sell!

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