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3 Tips for Successfully Crowdfunding Education Projects

The crowdfunding model of fundraising grows in popularity for different types of projects. Education makes no difference. Donations have always played a significant part in the development of schools and colleges. The implementation of innovative ideas that can revolutionize the education system has always been a priority. But many projects with great potential have failed because they lacked the appropriate money support.

Crowdfunding education projects make it possible for more and more great ideas to become a reality. Not just entrepreneurs, but also students, educators, and parents, see the opportunity of raising money from the crowds. They put their efforts together in order to achieve greater goals and to give life to education projects that will shape the way we learn, research, teach, develop skills and create.

Crowdfunding an education project is not very simple. There are many things that should be taken into consideration from the teams in order to hit the nail on the head from the start. Following the crowdfunding tips that work for other projects like tech and hardware is a good idea, but the teams behind innovative education projects must remember that they need a special approach to achieve better results.

Get straight to the point

Question to answer: Why?

Innovative education projects are of interest to a broader audience. The supporters of such endeavors come from different backgrounds. The crowdfunding teams must present their ideas clearly and straight to the point. Explaining the issue in a clear manner makes it easier for more people to understand its importance, therefore to act on account of helping the projects to be successful. Give concise information, detailed visuals, and videos. Educate your audience before you start educating everyone else!

Need and implementation

Question to answer: How?

For education projects, it is important to have the need of reform clearly identified. Why do we need this change? But the supporters also need to know how this change will be made. Give enough information about the way you will make your idea work in real environment. Be open to suggestions and feedback and keep the communication with the supporters alive.

Create real BUZZ

Question to answer: Who else is on board?

Education-oriented crowdfunding campaigns need solid PR and support of industry professionals and influencers. Getting celebrity or niche authority endorsement will help every crowdfunding project in the education sector to thrive. Your good intentions are not enough – you should also spend the time to market your campaign appropriately.

Let’s say, you have this unique idea for a software that helps children learn how to code. Adding to your campaign the opinion of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg on how important coding skills are and will be in the future, will help your project to be taken more seriously. Don’t shy away from reaching out to influencers. Believe in your idea and they might believe in it as well. And then, only sky is the limit!

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