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A Change In Crowdfunding for Personal Causes Landscape – YouCaring acquires Generosity

The strong social factor makes crowdfunding for charitable and compassionate social and personal causes not just an alternative to raise money, but a powerful way to make a positive impact in the lives of many, to restore hope and give support to people in need.

An exciting partnership between Indiegogo and YouCaring is changing the landscape of crowdfunding for social good and personal causes. On January 25, Indiegogo announced that the platform’s personal cause crowdfunding service will be transitioned over YouCaring. The strategic long-term partnership with Indiegogo will strengthen the position of YouCaring on the social cause landscape and will give the platform advantage over its main competitor GoFundMe.

Since it was founded in 2011 as a pioneer in free online fundraising, YouCaring has made a tremendous positive impact in the lives of many – over $900+ million USD by over 8 million supporters has been raised through the years. This is the second acquisition that the platform makes after in 2017 it acquired GiveForward, which has been a leader in medical crowdfunding since 2008.

An Exclusive Partnership

It is exciting to see what the partnership between these two crowdfunding giants will bring. Starting February 1, everyone who contacts Indiegogo with a request for a charitable campaign will be re-directed to YouCaring, and vice versa – all requests for projects that aren’t charitable received by YouCaring will be re-directed to Indiegogo.

Social good crowdfunding shows the collective power of the crowds and focuses on the fact that we all can make a difference. We are looking forward to seeing the fruitful results of this exciting partnership and the positive change it will bring to many.

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